Friday, March 4, 2011

Taking in students for 2011


I am a mathematics masters graduate. I have been maths tutoring for the last 7 years. Currently, I hold a full time job and I do math tutoring part time.

I have had experience taking students from varied backgrounds such as IP/Poly/Normal acad/express students.

Contary to the sort of experience that most tutors of my background have, I actually have much more extensive experience with students from ITEs/normal Technical background. I have also taken students from top schools.

My package for students is this - I plan the the progression of improvement they must show. For advanced students(ite,poly,ip), I also do topic revision as required.

I am active taking students living in the Central, East, N. Eastern areas. My rates are 30-50/hr primarily dependent on location and level of the student.

Email me at for more information

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st post

Hi all, I graduated with a degree in pure mathematics from NUS. I went on to do a Msc in mathematics at NUS. I currently offer tuition for secondary, jc and poly(engineering maths) students.

My rates are 30-50/hr. Depending on level, location, time and no. of students(1-3).

I also do last minute/holiday revision during the june and dec sch holidays.

For JC and more advanced students, I also offer a package of ad-hoc tuition sessions.

Contact me at for more details.
Or drop me your contact number/ask for mine.